Our Mission

The Gadsden Flag first flew during the American Revolution when Americans defiantly stood against tyranny to preserve their God-given rights. Today, those rights and individual liberty are at risk more than ever before.

Even though Progressivism has failed everywhere it’s been tried, the Progressive Pushers in America today still control the media, colleges and schools, unions, most major cities as well as a large part of the Federal government.

As a result, the Left controls the public narrative and the distribution of information across the country. American exceptionalism is vilified; our history is revised; and our citizens are dumb-downed as the Progressives methodically strip away our Constitutional rights.

Patriotic Americans in particular have been demonized and the free-flow of truthful information so subverted that we can no longer expect our youth to become men and women of principle, who can lead this great nation and make the tough decisions needed to preserve American liberty for our children and our children’s children.

American liberty, respect for law and conservative values must be preserved, and that is our mission at The Daily Gadsden. Our goal is to highlight the news and commentary that keeps Americans informed and educated about defending these principles.

Of course, all politics is local and it begins with every individual, every small town election, and every school board meeting. It also begins with YOU.

Get involved. Please share our site’s content with your family, friends and co-workers to help spread the truth, and also see our ‘Defend Liberty’ page to help.