Swalwell: Trump Has ‘Radicalized’ Followers the Same Way as Bin Laden

Swalwell: Trump Has ‘Radicalized’ Followers the Same Way as Bin Laden

Without ever asking Rep. Eric Swalwell about his 'relationship' with a known Chinese spy known as Christina Fang, PBS interviewed Swalwell as part of its impeachment coverage. After all, who better to ask about alleged dangers to democracy than someone who has collaborated and 'worked closely' with a Chinese spy, while he served (and still serves) on the House Intelligence committee.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Wednesday during PBS’s impeachment coverage that President Donald Trump had “radicalized” his supporters the same way the late terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had.

Anchor Judy Woodruff said, “Another argument the Republicans are making is that yes, the people who stormed the Capitol, they should be held accountable, but President Trump himself wasn’t part of the mob. They keep citing one of the words he used in his speech to the crowd last Wednesday. They said he used the word peaceful. He wanted them to be peaceful, among many other words he spoke. They’re saying holding him accountable is different from the people who were directly involved in tearing down the doors and rampaging the Capitol building.”

Thanks for your in depth interview Judy. Perhaps next you can interview Charles Manson about the Portland riots.

John Meng, Publisher
Daily Gadsden